Life From the Ashes

For 17 days in November, 2018, until it was contained, the Camp Fire ravaged Butte County and the surrounding areas. It swept through at breathtaking speed, destroying nearly everything in its path. It quickly became the largest wildfire in California history, burning nearly 19,000 structures, killing 85 people and reaching a total square area of nearly 240 square miles. It is the costliest natural disaster in US history, having caused $16.5 billion worth of damage.

On the 6-month anniversary of the fire, a news story noted that over 1,000 people still had no housing. On Facebook Groups, survivors post almost daily about the need for gas, baby formula or car seats, repairs to a trailer. Some things that are needed are things that would seem small to many, but would make a huge difference to people whose lives have been turned upside down.

There are a lot of organizations on the ground. Many have stopped accepting applications for help and most are overwhelmed by the continuing need. Life From the Ashes was formed to join our efforts with theirs to try to alleviate suffering among our fellow Californians.

On December 4th and 5th, we’re inviting you, our foodies and home cooks, to our first “Chefathon,” where we will get to meet the chefs behind some of our favorite foods. Follow along as our chefs tell their story and how cooking has transformed their lives. You’ll learn how to cook their favorite recipes, and might even get the chance to talk to them.


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As part of our commitment to maintaining the dignity of the people we serve, we will not post their photos or their names. In some cases, photos posted here are illustrative of an idea or a situation only.

[Life From the Ashes] saved my family’s life. They gave us another chance at life. They provided tools, food, transportation, heat, and furnished my home.My wife and me are both back working…we have a good start and will only go forward. C.G.

Thank you for the backpacks! These were beyond amazing and I know my girls are going to be so excited when they see them! C. B.


Just $100 Can Change Lives